Threatened Species Summit – Quoll Drawing Class


Tomorrow I’m going to the Zoo to teach 250 delegates of the Threaten Species Summit How-To-Draw The Threatened Quoll.

It should be fun! It’s always a pleasure getting adults out of there comfort zone and drawing again.

The Minister for the Environment, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, will host the Threatened Species Summit and it will be chaired by the Threatened Species Commissioner, Mr Gregory Andrews.

Bring together both state and territory ministers, relevant business leaders, scientific and conservation experts, non-government organisations and others helping threatened species conservation. The summit gives, all present, a forum to discuss the issues and help raise Australia’s conversation on conservation matters.

It’s about raising our national profile on threatened species and their conservation. An opportunity to explore solutions and promote practical and effective ways of tackling the threats to Australia’s animals and plants. Speakers ranging from local communities and scientists in the field to business people and government representatives will share their experience, plans and solutions. It will deliver tangible results and initiatives to protect animals and plants at risk from extinction.

• The summit will reinforce the new national focus on threatened species
• Highlight the important role of Gregory Andrews, Threatened Species Commissioner.
• Minister for the Environment, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, will launch a Threatened Species Strategy at the summit.

For the first time ever, threatened species will have an Australian Government policy framework with hard and measurable targets.

Attendance at the summit venue will be by invitation with a live webcast so that anyone in the community can participate and interact. Follow the Threatened Species Commissioner on Twitter for the latest updates: @TSCommissioner

picture: Jonathan webb

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