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Just an idea. But just imagine the fun and energy that over two thousand schools and close to 500,000 kids could have fundraising and creating projects for Threatened species. 

I’d love your feed back and I’m hoping you’ll want to be involved as it grows.

An Aboriginal elder once said to me. “To save animals from extinction, we dance, we draw and dream them out of our living eternal Dreamtime. We bring them into our dreaming through our art. Then they be with us on the journey.” I guess that’s a romantic way of saying “perception is reality”.

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The idea

I am very passionate about protecting all Australian wildlife and in particular protecting our endangered and threaten species. We need to work together to preserve our native wildlife for future generations.

My dream is to empower school aged kids through an online inter-school creative arts program and community action platform that positively supports our children to safeguard their future environment.

You won’t just be teaching kids you’ll be getting them to actively get involved for a term or two every year and try to out do other schools.


 The education

This VELS friendly program is an environmentally driven curriculum, where kids learn and create projects to hero and help wildlife rescue, pest control, as well as our precious Endangered and Threaten Australian wildlife.

The aim of this project is to raise $1 Million dollars a year minimum to help kids help wildlife, developing a sustainable program that grows into the future. The kids will be the driving force behind the projects sustainability, and as many hands make light work this program is set to shine.

From start up to being totally self sufficient will however require; support from government grants, private sector donations, and sponsorship.

This online conduit can potentially generate millions of dollars for Threaten Species and Australian wildlife. It will be a vehicle for charities to promote themselves and educate the young wildlife stewards of tomorrow.

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The Fundraising

The kids will make light work of the fundraising and the online platform will encourage ideas and learning.

As part of the incentive for fundraising we will as a local artist and author to create a book on A threatened species or wildlife. The sales of which will help raise funds. Because the charity will support the production and marketing this book will mean kids will want the artist to visit the school. Hence a reward and incentive is to met the artist behind the program and some of the key charities can also showcase the animals and their work.

Finally getting a bank involved to help the creation of “eco action” accounts, so participating kids can be fully engaged in the fundraising process and enjoy the satisfaction knowing they have created real social change through their actions. This achievement will be cherished long after they leave school and move on into the workforce.

Within the idea itself there are a few moving parts but essentially this program has a unique combination of connective programs supporting and rewarding the fundraising activities.

The functions and benefits

• It’s an annual fundraiser

One term to pledge and raise the funds and the second term to reap the rewards, watch your fundraising in action via the semi-live portal or you can plan next years winning projects.


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• VELS friendly

So teachers get an instant term program to download and inspire

• Kids learn about Threaten Species and Environment issues

Some of the key things to cover these subjects in schools

• FREE incursions and many cross-learning experiences

Will help kids and teacher adopt the program

• There will be School Competition and Ladder

An inter-school competition (pledges and fundraising)

• There will be a commissioned artist/s

Who will produce a “Wildlife Book” to help raise money from sales.

• A range of sponsors

Will create a range of prizes for key stewards and class ambassadors.

• Schools register their kids and classes

So they can download projects to do and can even create a few of their own. As well as socialise there cool ideas that work to other schools and groups.

• Social media fuels fundraising ideas

And gives the kids goals to work towards.

• Charities can request artistic and craft projects to be made

Kids can get parents, businesses and the broader community to sponsor their endeavours.


• Incursions offered as rewards to schools

Charities (Registered to the online website) and the annual commissioned artist will be asked to create a free “incursion program” to reward the top 100 fundraising schools and merit incursion prizes for other schools that had interesting ideas and special projects.
It’s about infusion and creativity and artists or charities could choose a few schools to go to on merits and the rules could be made to encourage this connection and inspirational.

• Banks need to be involved

Providing accounts and Themed money boxes and through their systems each registered charity receives a debit card and ongoing “Thanks a Million Kids” pooling account. The accounts “csv file” used to log back into and report back through the online “Thanks a Million Kids” portal (Api) and inform the kids on the charities efforts.

 What’s in a name?

I’m not sure what will happen but I’m sure we’ll raise over a million in year one. Hence the very apt Australian name “Thanks a Million Kids”.

The double meaning is clear in the name, we want to raise “a million” for injured wildlife, threatened Species and give life to projects that help protect key species. The intent is to get State and National charities involved and animal carers from all over involved. So in turn they will all be heralding these kids efforts in saying out loud …

“Thanks a Million Kids!”

It’s got a nice synergy to it.

But how do we start?

It will take some serious seed funding to plan and get the online portal built.
My expert team built the EVERYDAYHERO and FEBFAST crowd-funding and fundraising website. Both these sites took 18 months to establish themselves and some sizable capital but both are thriving today.

I’m committed to building this site by 2016. Then signing up schools and getting Victorian Wildlife charities registered so we can start a state based pilot program to look at the success and community response to this idea.

All going well, we’d plan to be National in either two years or three from now.

The reason I asked all you to come to my website today?

I’d like your feedback and support. Your support to approach the banks, government, sponsors and philanthropists needed to fund this so our children and wildlife can truly feel protected for future generations.

Please, if you have been moved by what you have read here please fill out the online questionnaire and register your support of the idea and I’ll keep you posted as to our progress.

Thanks for visiting and I really do appreciated your time…

Myke Mollard.

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