In 2012 I was at Swinburne University studying business and part of our requirement was to do a survey in-line with our business idea. I created three and invited three groups to take my survey on the general state and future of Children’s Book:

• General Public Survey
• Teachers and Educational Staff
• Library Staff

As a developing Australian author/illustrator that has only recently been considered by my professional peers as an established Children’s Book Author, I like to invite the general public to please take 5 minutes and fill out my survey. Keeping this survey active will give me a good chance to develop better books.

I would greatly appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Surveys

  1. Books like those illustrated by Mike Mollard are excellent gifts fr. grandparents, especially to the under 9’s.

    They are accurately illustrated, catch the eye and warmly coloured!

    Mal the Lion is one favourite with my u/7s; the Bush Animals book appeals to mr 7 year old, particularly.

    Dan whelan

    • Thank you Dan. I really appreciate your comments. I just wanted to create a book kids and parents could share and explore. One that introduces both kids and parents to our wondrous wildlife.


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