Refund Policy and Discounts

The following is just a general guide.

With regards to Wildfire’s refund policy, it will be in accordance with any rules, guidelines and common laws laid out by the Australian Government’s Consumer Affairs Department and complies with guidelines distributed by bodies and groups like Fair Trade Australia.

Wildfire Workshops will endeavour to act fairly and objectively in any given situation. Wildfire will always seek to act professionally and honestly. But will always reserve the right to refund or discount, and will look at every individual case if per say any arise.

Clear cut refunds:

  • If a Wildfire Workshop representative doesn’t appear. An alternative date will be set to reappear and a possible discount offered or a full refund could be negotiated if no cancellation warning was offered 12 hrs prior.
  • Extreme lateness. A discount will most likely be offered or a full refund could be negotiated if no warning was addressed 12 hrs prior.
  • If a Wildfire Workshop didn’t deliver to a specific brief or format agreed upon or provided. If a workshop was completely off brief or not what was required. Or in the extreme instance that this would occur, a full or partial refund could be argued.
  • If by chance the conduct of a Wildfire representative was in anyway inappropriate.
  • If the information provided here was seen as misleading and the workshops clearly didn’t met expectation in any way.

Current Advertised Discounts

There are only four discounts Wildfire Productions is willing to offer at this stage to schools, libraries and community based workshops.

  • An Introductory offer of 40% OFF for “first time” bookings of a Wildfire Workshop.
    Note that these bookings are limited to the first booking and to schools which book into a specific time period of 2014 Terms 3 and 4 and 2015 terms 1 and 2. An advance must be made to confirm booking and receive the discount.
    New Offer ends September 2014 .
  • Referral discounts or credits.
    Spread the word like Wildfire and receive 10 – 40% OFF another booking or a second workshop.
    Note Each word of mouth referral, lead which ends in a paid booking or simply if a new business mentions your school or the school contact’s name etc. Wildfire Workshops will record these referrals and inform you via SMS or email of your growing discounts or credits.
    Offer open to any registered school or subscribers to Wildfire Workshop.

  • Small class discounts.
    Note These discounts will be taken on a case by case basis, please email Wildfire Workshops as eligibility will have to be negotiated and could subject to availability, demand and location. In saying this, Wildfire Workshop would love as many kids to experience the program and would like to give every school or class the equal opportunity to enjoy.
    Offer open to any registered school or subscribers to Wildfire Workshop.

  • Cluster or Group discounts.
    For country locations or outer metro locations in Victoria currently,Wildfire Workshops will discount travel and fees if a few schools in a particular area email and request a “Cluster” or “Group” booking.
    Note If three or more schools book Wildfire Workshops over at least 1-3 days, Wildfire Workshops will tour the area making the trip worthwhile for both the schools and the kids.
    Offer open to any registered school or subscribers to Wildfire Workshop.

Wildfire Workshops hopes this information is: clear, insightful and professionally welcomed.