Had a “Wild” Time at Maroondah Festival, Croydon Library.

myke_croydon LibraryCroydon Library Goes Wild Drawing Up A Storm!

Drawing wildlife is a passion of mine.
I love imparting knowledge tricks and lots of stories that engage and keep kids interested in what they are doing. I noticed at the Croydon Library, on the Maroondah Festival we had 28 -30 kids and there parents arrive to have a red hot go at my Wildfire Workshop! That ballooned to over a hundred across the hour … and parents! Yes “Parents!” got right into my simple tips and easy to follow instructions as we move through drawing after drawing.

There were some smashing results. I think everyone surprised themselves. We started with a Kookaburra, then a Blue-tongue Lizard, before diving into a Platypus going vertical for some crayfish and finally (picture above) a “speed drawing” of a Bilby!! The kids smashed every one, high fives for all and the parents got right into their favourites.

What I really enjoyed seeing was the connection of Kids drawing with Mum or dad. It was so good to see the generation gap shortened as kids find out dad and mum are a little nervous too. Although, I had a fellow graphic designer in my crowd, as one proud child was quick to point out and expose a very talented illustrator-dad.

Another wonderful surprise was a young illustrator who did some fantastic drawings. Lucas, smashed out some excellent drawings and in particular a pretty great Blue-tongue Lizard and stayed until the end to give me an amazing thank you drawing. WOW – Thank you for that! I really appreciate your effort and passion. Keep practicing and working at it you will surprise youself one day I’m convinced of that now.

All-in-All a great day! Thank you every much Croydon Library, Janet,┬áRowanne and Sue you always put on great things for the kids and run a fantastic community program. I’m so chuffed to have come and created some wildfire fun on the Maroondah Festival. I had a great time and it was a lovely turnout.

Thank you again.

Until next time – Enjoy! Myke Mollard.

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