I would love this to be a treasure trove of artistic endeavour. Something to inspire share and enjoy!

It’s not built yet, but in the coming months Myke hopes every child, kid-dult and parent can gracefully scroll through an image gallery of images and art. From book spreads to close ups, from digital details to sketch books of experiments. Myke hopes people enjoy what he does and hopefully appreciate the masses of work that goes into books. From paper to pixels and pixels to paper the process of creating books is a wondrous journey of passion and craft. Some call it “a labour of love”. But whatever it is, it’s built like nature build’s – in good grace and in good time.

Please be patient. It’s taken nearly eight years for Myke to get his stuff up online, you won’t have to wait that long, but keep checking in because Myke promises that soon, like his illustrations, he wont disappoint.

Stay tuned.


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