Sketching in the Street.

Collins SketchingCollins Booksellers Presents Sketching in the Street With Myke Mollard

Two exclusive events just for locals after school. It will sort of be like Busking but kids and adults can join Myke in some quick and easy How-to-draw classes every 15 – 20 minutes or so. So get out your sketchpads and break out some pens, let’s go sketch with Myke and his friends.

Wednesday February 26, 2014 – 4PM – 6PM
and also on
Wednesday March 12, 2014 – 4PM – 6PM

Yes! After school do something novel – do something cool! Sketch in the street outside Collins Croydon with author/illustrator Myke Mollard. It will be loads of fun for everyone, so to celebrate art, enjoying or local community and Maroondah Art Gallery’s “Draw me a Story” exhibition. Please register your interest or just join Myke in the street, as he goes through the process of drawing things every 15 minutes. Sketch up anything you like or follow Myke’s lead. It will be whole lot of creative afterschool fun.

Pencils, board and paper supplied. But welcome to bring your own too.
Register your interest in Collins Bookstore, Main Street Croydon.

Summer Sunset Sketching

1926297_714942748550181_1778291404_oCroydon Library and the Maroondah City Council, had me sketching at sunset to a modest crowd of 47. It was to promote getting back to the library after holidays or summer vacations, and appreciating our local parks and community services. It was also a time to promote “Draw me a Story” exhibition that the local council have put on for the kids to highlight some talented illustrators and authors and their children’s books.

Maroondah Sketching Feb21_A5As a children’s book author I talked about drawing books, local wildlife and did a huge skills-building workshops to a very happy bunch of parents and excited kids.

The day was pretty rainy all day and the weather looked like cancelling the event. But late afternoon the sun came out, the storm could be seen racing up the sides of Mt. Dandenong and we had a fantastic evening of sketching.

It was nice to see some familiar faces and the drawing quality was excellent. Both kids and parents got some great starts to visual journals and some awesome drawing in as we eat a picnic dinner and celebrated a gorgeous evening under the trees outside the Library and council offices, and every now and again we had the screeching hullabaloo long billed corellas.

20140221_193919<<  My Boys trying to play DJ while we were packing up.

Finally, DJ Ben Courtney played some excellent drawing music from Australian Classics to some upbeat modern trance that keep every artist focused and keen for more drawing lessons. It all was nice to see the two hours slip by and met some lovely locals.

Final Thanks to Janet, from Eastern Region Libraries for all the tireless promotion and her commitment to community events.

If anyone would like to see more drawing and storytelling. Head to “Draw me a Story” The Maroondah Art Gallery. There you will see more amazing drawings and more of your favourite books come to life. >>  Enjoy for Now!  >>

draw me a story

Australia Day a Sketching Success


Australian Bush Creatures on Australia Day! Wow you can’t get much better than this. The weather was perfect we had hundreds out in Aussie colours the big band playing, people receiving there citizenship and getting Australian Flag Tattoos on each cheek. Then they all popped in to learn and hear about Australia’s wildlife.

It was great teaching kids to draw, but also educating them on some fascinating facts about these creatures. The kids went wild and sketched up a storm. Some stayed for hours others just breezed in an out. All in all I had a ball. So thanks to the Maroondah City Council for organising all the events at Ringwood lake, this was a huge success. I think at last count there were plenty of fantastic artists and well over 50 visited the stall where I held 15 minute sketch classes for over 3 hours. We drew; an Emu, a few Kangaroos, Kookaburras, a couple of Wombats, a Koala, a Cat (there are wild cats pre-colonisation), Eagles and a Frilled-necked Lizard.


“It was such a pleasure having your learn-to-draw workshops at our Australia Day Event. To find a local artist of such talent that is focused on both inspiring the creativity of children whilst adding an educational piece is a huge add to our event. The ease and casual approach in the lead up made working together really easy. So thank you Myke.”

– Renée – Maroondah City Council, Events Officer.


There was one issue that seemed to grab everyone’s attention – I didn’t have any books to sell. I told the people asking that I was here to draw not sell and I put a lot of energy into the kids when I am teaching. I’m glad people noticed and were supportive. It’s actually best they go to bookstores and buy my books there, as i get little long-term benefit from selling direct to the public. I have a publisher and am building a good reputation with the trade and so going to a bookstore and asking for me is the best support and service the public can pay me.

In hindsight, I did hand out over 100 bookmarks and gave away over a dozen prizes to the best artists, or to the kidbuts for “merit”, or for just having “a big heart and lovely smile”. Honestly it was a great day can’t wait for more local community workshops.

Plus the Maroondah City Council used two of my An A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures (Hard Cover) for “Best Dress” prizes for some of the kids whom attended the event. I believe, young Chloe (pictured above) won a book which I personally signed.

So I hope to see you all out and about between now and Easter. I have quite a few schools and council gigs booked so I am around.

Until then … Get sketching and start having a “Red Hot Go Kids!” That’s the Wildfire Workshop way and I hope to see you for my Summer Sunset Sketching (Croydon Library, February 21) and Summer Sunset Sketching in the Park (St.Kilda Botanical Gardens, February 22).


Myke Mollard.